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Please help us maintain a healthy and prosperous fishing experience for all. SWT's Fish Enhancement Fund aids our local fisheries, hatcheries and lakes. Each donation comes with your selection of limited edition SWT merchandise! Your donation helps support a great cause and keeps you lookin' fresh while reeling in that trophy fish!


Each of the 4 tournament's that comprise the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail charge an additional $10.00 conservation fee that is turned over to and administered by the SWT.  This is called the Fish Enhancement Fund and it is not used for prizes, it is strictly for funding projects, equipment, education and other expenses, that are associated with the conservation of the fisheries used by tournament anglers.


In the past, this fund has helped pay for educational studies, weighing and aeration systems, aeration and recovery tanks for use at the SWT tournaments. It has also paid for the signage at tournament boat launches, that educates anglers on the types of fish in Saskatchewan and on the importance of catch and release. 


This fund is very important not only for the projects it makes possible, but to show the government and the were public that we, as tournament anglers, are concerned about the well-being of our fisheries and are willing to provide resources to insure its continued health.


Any angler that contributes to this fund is welcomed to provide suggestions to the SWT regarding the use of this fund.  Suggestions may be submitted at the AGM or by email to


Conservation is key! 


Sincerely,  Sask WalleyeTrail Board of Directors

Donate to SWT's Fish Enhancement Fund

  • SWT's Fish Enhancement Fund aids our local fisheries, hatcheries and lakes

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