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Canadian Oakworks CASH Prize for New Members!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

New members to the SWT are not only eligible to all of the cash and prizes available at each tournament as well as year end awards, but they are also eligible to win cash at each tournament with the “New Member” category. Canadian Oakworks Ltd. Is once again sponsoring this prize category and will be awarding $200 cash at each tournament to the highest “new member” finisher at each tournament. This award is only available to first time members of the SWT and they compete only against other new members so chances are good that you may be taking home some extra cash this year. Delvin and Linda Kushniryk, owners of Canadian Oakworks Ltd., are long time members of the SWT and they have thrown their support behind the SWT in helping build our sport.For additional info also refer to:

Canadian Oakworks Ltd.

Stair and railing manufacturer

130 5th Ave. E.

Regina, Sk S4N 5A1


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