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2021 Hall of Fame inductees

The Saskatchewan Walleye Trail Hall of Fame has chosen five incredible individuals to receive recognition with their induction into the 2021 class of Hall of Famers. From competitive angling backgrounds, to communicators and conservationists the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail had an eclectic group of nominees to choose from and it is highlighted by this year's recipients.

Daryl Dean - Daryl is a dedicated knowledgeable angler in the sport of fishing but aswell as being a spectacular angler he is an outstanding sportsman so we also have the pleasure to congratulate him as our 2021 Saskatchewan Walleye Trail Sportsman of the year Congrats Daryl

Kevin Matiachuk - Kevin is very skilled and dedicated angler in the sport of fishing with many tournament wins and achievements in his career like the SWT Team of the Year with his partner Daryl Dean, Kevin is an amazing competitor on the water Congrats Kevin.

Burrell Coggins - Burrell a dedicated competitive angler, that was highly active in SWT in prior years travelling to Saskatchewan to compete all the way from Kansas Congrats Burrell.

Harley Coggins - Harley a competitive skilled angler & ambassador of the sport who showed enormous commitment to fish the SWT by Travelling from Texas to compete Congrats Harley.

Tim Geni - Tim is a very knowledge angler & enormous ambassador in the sport of fishing, He has a very decorated fishing career with many highlights and achievements in the fishing world Congrats Tim.

The Saskatchewan Walleye Trail Hall of Fame has many other Members that are well deserving & the SWT looks forward to this year's nominations & inductees.

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