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SWT Membership Prizes



Members must enter as individuals

  • Each member must possess a valid provincial fishing license. The SWT does not sell licenses.

  • Each member must complete and sign a official registration form along with registration fee

  • Registration is allowed all through the season right up to last tournament.

  • Registration is not retroactive to tournaments already completed or started.

  • SWT membership does not guarantee spots in any or all tournaments.

  • Members must register at each tournament at the earliest possible date to insure participation.

  • Members are not required to fish all five tournaments in the circuit. The SWT also accepts registration from non-anglers.

  • In qualifying for the Angler category you must fish with an SWT member to have that tournament count.

  • Must be a SWT member to receive any SWT prizes

Scoring & Point Accumulation

  • Scoring will be based on each tournament team score with results being obtained directly from tournament organizers.

  • Trail standings are derived from the accumulation of points received from each tournament

  • Big Fish must be deemed live and releasable

  • Final scoring will be based on the scores from each tournament during the current year with the exception for the overall 1, 2, and 3 tournament categories.

  • In case of ties, the tie breaker will be based on highest previous finishes for that year, i.e. number of 1st's, 2nd's etc. Decisions on judgement calls by the SWT will be final with no appeal

  • In all cases the spirit of the rule will prevail




Top New Angler Prize

Sponsored by Delvin and Linda Kushniryk

New members to the SWT are not only eligible to all of the cash and prizes available at each tournament as well as year end awards, but they are also eligible to win cash at each tournament with the “New Member” category. Once again sponsoring this prize category and will be awarding $200 cash at each tournament to the highest “new member” finisher at each tournament. This award is only available to first time members of the SWT and they compete only against other new members so chances are good that you may be taking home some extra cash this year. Delvin and Linda Kushniryk, are long time members of the SWT and they have thrown their support behind the SWT in helping build our sport.


Angler of the Year *

To qualify you must fish with at least 3 different partners over the course of the season.  The award will be based on the total points of all tournaments that year.

Team of the Year **

Both team members must be SWT members.

Mixed Team of the Year **

Both team members must be SWT members.

Youth Angler of the Year

Cool Under Pressure Awards***

When available, SWT Cool Under Pressure awards will be awarded to the SWT team (or member) that advances the most places from day 1 to day 2 of a tournament.  In the event of a tie the award will go to the team (or member) with the highest finish in that tournament.  In the unlikely event that they are also tied in finish the award will go to the team (or member) that had the highest day 1 weight.

Sportsperson of the Year

Overall 1 only, 2 only, 3 only Tournaments

Big Fish of the Year

Heavyweight of the Year (one day weight)

Championship Challenge

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