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We, the members of the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail, support live release tournaments, education and research that will help preserve Saskatchewan Fisheries for future generations.

The SWT Board is made up of a team of dedicated members that work hard to ensure all aspects of the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail are satisfactory, providing value to its members and the public at large. We are here to help ensure you have a safe, competitive and rewarding season year after year. The SWT is 31 years strong and are proud to serve Saskatchewan today and in the many years to come. 

Click here to learn more about our team of directors. 

Each of the 5 tournaments that comprise the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail charge an additional $10.00 conservation fee that is turned over to and administered by the SWT.  This is called the Fish Enhancement Fund and it is not used for prizes, it is strictly for funding projects, equipment, education and other expenses, that are associated with the conservation of the fisheries used by SWT tournament anglers.


In the past, this fund has helped pay for educational studies, weighing and aeration systems, aeration and recovery tanks for use at the SWT tournaments. It has also paid for the signage at tournament boat launches, that helps educate anglers on the types of fish in Saskatchewan and on the importance of catch and release.


This fund is very important not only for the projects it makes possible, but to show the government and the were public that we, as tournament anglers, are extremely passionate when it comes to the well-being of our fisheries and are willing to provide resources to insure its continued health.


Anyone that contributes is welcomed to provide suggestions to the SWT regarding the allocation of the funds. Suggestions may be submitted at the AGM or by email to Conservation is key!




SWT Board of Directors


Welcome anglers to the 2024 season!


2020 Update

The Saskatchewan Walleye Trail (SWT) are active in preparing for the inaugural season to a brand new decade. The Saskatchewan Walleye Trail was founded in 1993 and incorporated in 1997 under the Non-Profit Corporations Act. The Saskatchewan Walleye Trail is operated by members that are elected to the Board of Directors, along with the Executive. This team works closely with each other and with the tournament organizers to establish the perimeters of each sanctioned event that creates the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail. The 2020 season will once again see four sanctioned events, two on Lake Diefenbaker and two on Last Mountain Lake. Information and brochures are available by clicking on the links provided.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all past board and executive members that have spent countless hours working to make the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail what it is today. Many of these Saskatchewan Walleye Trail members that sat on the board or were part of the executive, have been involved almost as long as they have been members of the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail. To you, I thank you for your time and expertise in creating what is known as the premier walleye tournament circuit in Canada, and one of the best in North America. Although the list of past members that stood on the board and the executive is extremely large, I wish to acknowledge some of the executive that have recently moved on, but are not gone, as they are there assisting us in the transition in becoming the new board. Shane Belter, our past president, worked countless hours in organizing and dedicated to the cause in ensuring that the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail continued to be the leading walleye tournament circuit. Shane, you and other presidents have left a legacy that so many members pass, present and future can be very proud of. I will continue to promote the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail along with conservation, education and research towards maintaining a healthy fishery as you and previous presidents have done. Rob Furutani, what can one say, years of commitment, President, Past President, Vice President, Secretary, “what do you need done, I’ll get it done” type of member that worked with many different folks, on many different boards for the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail. Rob a sincere thank you for your dedication. Darryl Ward, another one that served on the board as an executive for so many years, Darryl kept the finances up to date. Darryl was active with the executive and probably served on the board with 4 or 5 different presidents, maybe more. Thank you Darryl for your years of service to the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail. Dave Deutscher, although it’s been a year, Dave continues to support the new board where ever needed. We greatly appreciate all that these members and previous executive continue to do to make the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail the best. To all past board and executive members, thank you for your commitment and time representing the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail and making it what it is today, Thank you.


As we move into the new decade, 2020, I express my gratitude to the members that now make up the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail’s board and executive. We have a combination of members, experienced (old) and some moderately experienced (young) that represent the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail board, that are working for you to have a successful year. Our commitment is to the membership of the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail, we are open to suggestions and we are committed to being open and transparent to the membership. As we solidify the agenda and sponsors for 2020, we will communicate this out to the membership. We are currently looking at which forms of communication will best distribute the information, Facebook, web page or a mass email to all members. Stay tuned, discussions are occurring. I look forward to meeting with you all in this upcoming season.


Andre Laberge - President

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